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Fun Ways to Workout at the Rec!

A big reason why many people don’t work out, or don’t work out as often as they should is because they don’t enjoy it. How motivated are you going to be, if you have been dreading it all day? Although workouts can and should be challenging, I believe there should be some fun mixed in. Here are some tips to help you put the fun in fitness!


Try Intramurals!

Examples of popular intramurals at the rec include volleyball, basketball, and softball. This is just a short list, but there are so many more. If you are someone who enjoys being around other people this is a great opportunity to add some socialization to your physical activity. To get information about ways you can get involved with intramurals, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the rec K-State page
  2. Search for the rec and click on the link
  3. On the left side bar, click on intramurals
  4. A list will appear underneath, and you can find out how to register and participate here.


Group fitness and personal training!


Another way to exercise with others is by going to group fitness classes. There are dance classes, cycling, yoga, and more. Bring a friend and go enjoy. These classes are free for students, and all you need to bring is your student ID to get in. Personal training is fun if you like working one-on-one, and can be a great way to challenge yourself, and keep yourself accountable. You can ask your trainer to introduce you to a wide variety of styles and exercises, and this will help keep your workouts fun and interesting.


Add Variety!


Another way to spice up your workouts is by adding variety. We can get stuck in a rut mentally and physically if we do the same routine repeatedly. When I first started working out, I had the same three workouts I would alternate and do on the same day every week. I got burned out from it, and it became easy and boring. You will be a more well-rounded person if you expand your workouts to include new things, and probably enjoy it more.


Other Suggestions:

Other suggestions to make your fitness more fun include changing up your setting (maybe take your workout outside), listening to music or a podcast, and working out with a friend. It also helps especially if you are just beginning, to find one thing that you really like. For me that was running, for you it may be weight training, or EMOM workouts. But if you can find just one style of working out that makes you excited to be there, it will become easier to build up the habits you need to come consistently.



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