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It’s no secret that stretching is beneficial to our bodies but how is yoga any different? According to the Webster dictionary, yoga is a Hindu philosophy that teaches breathing techniques, meditation, and posture. (1) Yoga has been a trending practice within the past decade and more people are catching on to the benefits that it provides.

One obvious benefit of yoga is increased flexibility. The Yoga Journal explains that many back and hip problems are directly associated with people’s lack of flexibility. As you practice more these aches should eventually subside or go away. (2) You won’t be able to do the splits overnight, but in time you might realize you can finally touch your toes.

If you sit at a desk all day you know that bad posture results in back, neck, and even leg pain. Yoga may not look like a strenuous exercise but it works all major muscle groups in your body. Typically slouching is a result of bad habits in combination with weak core and back muscles. Many positions in yoga focus on core strength and balance which aids with this.

Aside from the physical benefits, many people are starting to realize the mental benefits it provides. According to the American Osteopathic Association, regular practice helps with managing stress, centers attention, and sharpens concentration. (3) These mental benefits are why so many people are looking to yoga to help with getting a better night’s sleep, performing well in school, and managing depression and anxiety.

If you are a beginner or nervous about your first class, don’t be! In many classes, instructors will provide alterations for beginners.

Rec Services offers several different Yoga classes. Check out our complete schedule for class descriptions and times. We hope to see you at an upcoming class! J

– Megan Heng



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