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Kansas Profile – Now That’s Rural: Tyson & Emily Mullen, Grant County Drug

“The cutting edge.” Where would one expect to find the cutting edge with the latest in pharmaceutical care? Today we’ll meet a young rural Kansas pharmacist who is combining cutting edge technology with old-fashioned customer service.

Tyson and Emily Mullen own and operate Grant County Drug in Ulysses, Kansas. Tyson came into the pharmacy business naturally. “My great-grandfather opened the first drugstore in Wichita County,” Tyson said. “I grew up hearing stories about how he would compound his own medicines and deliver them on horseback.”

Tyson grew up in the rural community of Leoti, population 1,534 people. Now, that’s rural.

He found he enjoyed science and math, and he had good mentors who encouraged him toward the medical field. As did his ancestor, he gravitated toward pharmacy. “I believe a pharmacist can impact people and help people on a daily basis,” Tyson said.

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