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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Your Salt Account in April

Happy Financial Literacy month! When it comes to finances, there is always something more to learn or improve on. Have April be the month you finally get all your questions answered! K-State has provided the opportunity for every student to have an account on www.saltmoney.org. Salt is a free financial website that can answer various financial questions as well as provide students with tools to enhance their financial fitness. Here are 5 reasons you should use your free account during the month of April.

New Interface

New year, new Salt interface! The website, www.saltmoney.org has updated its look to be more aesthetically pleasing as well to help tailor the Salt experience to each individual user. All of the same assets Salt has are located in the new webpage, but may be in a different place than before. However, they are not hard to find—spend 5-10 minutes exploring the new page!


The new Salt goals tool are what is helping Salt know what information will be most valuable to the user. When you sign onto the website, it will have you select your goals and their order of importance. The goals are: Manage Money, Repay Student Debt, Find A Job, and Plan School Costs. At least one of these goals can apply to anyone; more than one may be applicable to you! By defining your goals, you are one step closer to achieving them. Once you elect the order of importance to you, Salt will direct you to your first step in tackling each goal. As previously stated, anyone can benefit from this tool!

Scholarship Search

I could use less scholarships”, said no college student—ever. As we each prepare with our strategy for paying the next semester of college, scholarship money is yearned for. Salt has a very helpful tool to help find scholarships unique to each student’s location, education, background, work, and activities. To access the scholarship search, sign onto your free Salt account, click the Menu button followed by the Tools and Calculators option, and you will find the scholarship search under the Plan School Costs heading. If you would like further help on deciding how to pay for your college experience, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with Powercat Financial.

Job/Internship Search

There is one thing we all have in common as college students: the desire to be employed upon graduation. As May approaches and you still find yourself not knowing what to do after graduation or for the summer, save some time of your day to use Salt’s job and internship search! To access the job/internship search, sign onto your free Salt account, click the Menu button followed by the Tools and Calculators option, and you will find the tool under the Find A Job heading. This tool will help you narrow down jobs or internships depending on your major or area of interest and desired location.

Scholarship Giveaway

The final reason you should either log onto your free www.saltmoney.org account or create an account with Salt is because you can win either a $200, $125, or $75 scholarship provided by Powercat Financial! In order to qualify, you must complete Salt courses. These can be found under the Menu button on the Salt homepage. The courses are over various financial topics that either apply to your life currently or will apply to you in the future. The more courses you do, the better chance you have to win! The courses must be completed and passed between April 1st and April 30th in celebration of April being Financial Literacy Month. In order to win, you must be a currently enrolled K-State student with a Salt account. To sign up for a free account, go to www.saltmoney.org/k-state. Your account will be free for life, even upon graduation!

If you would like more information on any topics discussed above, please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Powercat Financial. Any peer counselor would love to help you out!

Allison Becker – Peer Financial Counselor II