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Exhibition Design: Moving the Mural

The Wall Map of Europe, painted by John Steuart Curry in 1928 is an impressive 16’ wide x 10’ tall mural, and the largest painting yet to be installed in the Beach Museum of Art galleries. The work, borrowed from the Burr Family Trust, required construction of a special “cradle” and use of a dedicated semi for its journey from Pennsylvania to the museum. Once it arrived, moving the painting from the museum’s lower level loading dock up to the West Seaton Gallery proved to be a logistical enigma. The lower level halls feature various exposed mechanical and electrical systems that jut out from the ceiling, restricting the movement of tall objects through those spaces. Think of trying to fit a grand piano up the stairwell of a New York City walk-up apartment. Once we determined a way to move the Curry mural through these hallways to the freight elevator, a new problem emerged. We realized that the elevator was too shallow to fit the painting.

After several days of deliberation, museum staff concluded that there was no feasible way to move the painting safely into the second-floor galleries. Later that evening, at around 9:30 p.m., staff member Luke Dempsey, sent out an email saying something like, “WAIT, I THINK I HAVE AN IDEA!” After creating a 3D CAD model of the elevator, it was then determined by Lindsay Smith, Sarah Price, Theresa Ketterer, and Luke Dempsey that the elevator would accommodate the mural only if the interior safety gates could be raised by ThyssenKrupp elevator technicians. This solution provided the few inches needed to bring the mural to the upstairs galleries. Thanks to our very dedicated team, and careful planning with the technicians, it worked! It took six trained staff and what seemed like a thirty-nine minute eternity, to move the massive mural approximately 400 feet. It now rests safely in West Seaton Gallery. We hope visitors enjoy this unusual artwork’s stay in the museum through fall 2017.

With deep appreciation to Joann Goldstein, whose gift made possible the transport and display of this painting,


– Luke Dempsey, Museum Technology and Design Coordinator, and Lindsay Smith, Exhibitions Designer



Two years after the exhibition “Art for Every Home” filled the Beach Museum of Art galleries and then traveled to New York City and Syracuse, New York, the original prints, paintings, fabrics, and ceramics featured in the exhibition have returned to their respective homes. Borrowed from museums and private lenders across the country, a little over 100 objects were brought together to complement works of art in the Beach Museum’s own collection to present a comprehensive overview of the New York-based business, American Associated Artists.

While the registrars and collections management team are charged with the care and documentation of the permanent collection, they are also responsible for coordinating agreements, transportation, and care of loaned works of art for exhibitions. Such loans require special attention, including custom packaging, separate insurance, and climate-controlled, secure shipping. Sometimes, Beach Museum of Art staff coordinate professional conservation treatment that may be needed before an object can be loaned. In the case of “Art for Every Home,” the Beach Museum sent eighteen prints to conservation laboratories for treatment. The staff members often spend months preparing loan documents prior to an exhibition opening and, in the weeks after the exhibition closes, they communicate with lenders to coordinate the safe return of artwork.

All of the museum’s exhibitions involve extensive work behind the scenes, but those that include art loans and that travel to other museums require even more resources to help connect the museum’s collection with the larger world. Community support is vital for providing the resources museum staff members need to develop exhibitions and create meaningful experiences in the galleries and beyond for you, the viewer.

– Sarah Price, Registrar/Collections Manager and Theresa Ketterer, Assistant Registrar