Prepare Kansas

About Us

Sometimes, life in the heartland is not for the faint of heart. At least that’s the way it seems when homes and communities experience tornadoes, flooding, drought and other disasters like Kansas communities can.

Prepare Kansas is an annual K-State Research and Extension online challenge designed to help individuals and families be better prepared ahead of disasters which can make recovery easier. The program focuses on a few activities every week during September. Each year the activities focus on an aspect of becoming prepared. In 2016 we focused on food safety before, during, and after a disaster strikes.

In 2017 Prepare Kansas will help you take steps to be more financially prepared to weather any challenges, plus it’s a good way to stay organized. Beginning September 1 look for information here and on the K-State Research and Extension Facebook page and start completing this year’s challenge activities.

The blog is available to everyone, whether participating in the Prepare Kansas online challenge or not so check back often.