Prepare Kansas

2019 — Resolve to be ready

As we enter the new year, #ResolvetobeReady for emergencies or disasters. As with any goal or resolution, breaking it down into manageable actions is a key to success. Start with one thing. For example, have external power sources available to charge phones and other devices in case of a power outage.

Shop Securely Online Over the Holidays

If you are shopping online this holiday season, connect with care.

  • Do your online shopping at home, and make sure your home wireless network is protected.
  • Be cautious online. During the holidays, scammers may send fake emails that are too good to be true. Don’t click on links!
  • Set strong passwords and change your password often. Do not set passwords that will be easy for cyber criminals to guess.
  • Too good to be true?  It probably is.  Shop online through trusted retailers to avoid getting scammed.