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Leading Change Institute: 2018 Youth Leadership & Development in West Africa

This past January, the Leading Change Institute (LCI) launched its first institute abroad in Ziguinchor, Senegal. The institute built on relationships started through the 2016 and 2017 Mandela Washington Fellows hosted at Kansas State University. LCI is an endowed leadership program made possible through the generous support and vision of David and Ellie Everitt . The Leading Change Institutes launched in 2015 with the sole purpose of bringing together thinkers, doers, scholars, and leaders that are all collectively addressing real issues with tangible strategies. This program marked the sixth institute for the Staley School and the first to be hosted internationally.

(From left to right: Salif Kanoute, from Senegal, and Ishaku Haruna, from Nigeria during the community meal hosted by the 2017 Mandela Fellows)

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Fostering Leadership for Life: Alternative Breaks

Every year, students have the opportunity to spend winter and spring breaks doing a number of things. Some students spend time at home or elsewhere, taking advantage of the opportunity for rest, relaxation, or additional hours to work at their jobs in their home communities or around Manhattan. But, through the Alternative Breaks program, the Staley School invites students to consider using their breaks to serve others. Continue reading “Fostering Leadership for Life: Alternative Breaks”

Fostering Leadership for Life: HandsOn Kansas State

Photo from Furniture Amnesty Day

In 2006, K-State’s office of Community Service Programs formally merged with Leadership Studies and Programs and later became part of the Staley School of Leadership Studies as the program now known as “HandsOn Kansas State.” Continue reading “Fostering Leadership for Life: HandsOn Kansas State”

Fostering Leadership for Life: International Service Teams

International Service Teams, formerly part of Community Service Programs, first began in 1989. Since that time, over 400 K-State students have lived and worked alongside communities in 22 different countries on five continents. While the program, partners, and students have changed over the years, the core has remained the same—that service is reciprocal, that our teams are going to learn from and with the community, and that the service projects are driven and determined by our site partners. Continue reading “Fostering Leadership for Life: International Service Teams”