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Hi! I’m Jodi, the Director of Powercat Financial and coordinator of this blog. I am happy to share some details about the blog itself in this week’s post as we have several new blog subscribers. The blog serves 2 purposes as does Powercat Financial itself. We have a purpose to provide financial education to K-State students and we have an equal purpose to develop the professional skills of students who seek to work in financial services. This blog is ideal for both! Individuals can subscribe to the blog to receive an email notification for each post to the blog which imparts a financial tip. Typically during the fall and spring semesters we have about 1 post per week. We also share a link to the blog on our website at www.ksu.edu/powercatfinancial and post them to our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. So there are several ways to gain access our blog. The topics vary but typically correspond with the student life cycle regarding financial issues that are timely. The peer financial counselor select their own blog post topic and must cite any references used. It is great experience for their professional interests. The blog has a handy search feature if you are looking for a post on a particular financial topic. It also has a word cloud on the right-hand toolbar to select from common money tip topics addressed in prior blog posts. Occasionally, I join in making a post which is then referenced as coming from “Jodi’s Corner.”

We usually like to make reference in our blog to any financial events that we are hosting so our subscribers can participate in our fun financial events as well.  We are currently hosting our online scavenger hunt, GET ON THE MONEY, where students complete a Google form by finding answers from our website for a chance at gift card prizes. You can learn more about it here: https://events.k-state.edu/event/get_on_the_money_online_scavenger_hunt?utm_campaign=widget&utm_medium=widget&utm_source=Events#.X0_-Z8hKiM8. This scavenger hunt ends September 11th at 5pm.

Then our next event will be co-hosting a financial comedian, Colin Ryan, for a virtual Zoom event on Monday September 28th at 4:00pm for all of campus to share in a few money laughs. We will share more details about this on our social media and website so stay tuned!

As always, we remind student that if they have any financial questions they can request a free, confidential client session with us via the link on our website at www.ksu.edu/powercatfinancial. If you ever have a suggestion for a blog post on a particular financial topic, please email your suggestion to powercatfinancial@k-state.edu. Thank you for being a Powercat Financial blog follower and/or subscriber!

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