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Text yourself from the K-State Libraries catalog

Next time you’re using the K-State Libraries catalog, check out the new feature — texting!  You know the drill — do a search, find the material you need, get the call number so you can find it in the stacks. Previously, you could get out a piece of paper, find a pencil, and write the call number down.  Or, you could try to memorize the number, and wander through Hale desperately chanting “B H four three five point C seventy-six G nine eight two one three” over and over. Now, you can text it to your phone!

It’s easy and convenient.  When you find an item you want in the catalog, just look for the phone icon and the phrase “Text me this call number”:

Tintin Land of Black Gold catalog screenshot

Click the link, fill in your digits, hit Send, and head to the stacks without a care. You’ll get a text message with the location, call number, and title of your item sent to your phone immediately. There’s a 150-character limit on the messages, and your regular texting charges will apply.

If you have questions or need assistance, use the Ask a Librarian! webpage.