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2015 Prepare Kansas online challenge concludes

Prepare Kansas

The 2015 Prepare Kansas challenge concluded on September 30th. The program focused on a few activities every week during September. For example: accessing alerts and warnings, developing communication plans, assembling or updating supplies, and practicing emergency responses. This was the second year for the statewide online challenge. In all, participants came from 51 Kansas counties as well as other parts of the country.

This year’s Prepare Kansas online challenge may be over but K-State Research and Extension continues working with Kansans to be as prepared as possible for emergencies. The Prepare Kansas blog is available any time of year for tips to help mitigate the effects of disasters for you, your family and your workplace. We are already making plans for the 2016 Prepare Kansas online challenge. Registration information will posted in July.

Register for the 2015 Prepare Kansas online challenge

Prepare Kansas

Just like having a working smoke detector, preparing for the unexpected in other ways makes sense. Register now for the 2015 Prepare Kansas online challenge and learn how to plan ahead for the most common emergencies we experience in Kansas – temperature extremes including drought, tornadoes, floods, and fire.

A little work now can make recovering less difficult. We’ve broken the program down to a few activities to do each week, which makes it easier than if you’re trying to do many activities from a long list. Working on each activity gives families an opportunity to not only work together on becoming better prepared, but can spark conversations about preparedness in general and the best ways to handle future emergencies.

Prepare Kansas is an annual online preparedness challenge from K-State Research and Extension designed to help individuals and families be better prepared ahead of disasters which can make recovery easier. The program focuses on a few activities every week during September. Activities vary each year.



September: Back to school, Labor Day, National Preparedness Month

Why take steps ahead of disaster? Here are just two of many possible reasons for getting prepared.

  • You and your family may not be together when disaster hits. If your family has a plan for getting in contact with each other, everyone will know where to go and what to do in an emergency.
  • During an emergency, ATM’s and credit cards may not work. Do you keep a small amount of cash on hand?

Learn more and get prepared! Register for the Prepare Kansas online financial challenge at

There is no cost to participate. Challenge activities will be announced weekly on this blog and through email.

Prepare Kansas! Take steps ahead of disaster.