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Spotlight: Snowball microphone available for checkout

photo of new softball-sized microphone
New Blue Snowball microphone with mini-tripod available for checkout

The Blue Snowball microphone is a new piece of equipment now available at Equipment Checkout, next to the IT Help Desk in Room 214, Hale Library.

The Snowball is a high-quality microphone that’s designed to be used with its accompanying mini-tripod to:

  • Record anything from a podcast to a musical instrument
  • Record with just about any audio recording program
  • Connect to a computer via a USB port
  • Work with both PCs and Macs

The mic has multiple settings that will allow it to record in a 360-degree radius around the mic or directly in front of it depending on the type of recording being done.

The Blue Snowball is manufactured by Blue Microphones and retails for about $100.