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K-State now has an Adobe Enterprise License

Information Technology Services is pleased to announce the availability of an Adobe Enterprise License for K-State. Through the agreement, Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Acrobat Pro will be available to campus units for a fee.  See the Adobe Licenses for K-State Units site to learn more. 
Named and device licensing is available. A named license would be associated with a faculty/staff member in a K-State unit. A device license is associated with each piece of hardware in a computing lab, etc.  Units can request a named and/or device licenses submitting the Adobe License form

In conjunction with our Adobe Enterprise License, a work at home agreement also is available for faculty/staff for $9.75 per year.  Students can also obtain Adobe products for $19.99 per month per year. See the Software Licenses site to learn about these options.

For additional information about the Adobe Enterprise License, contact adobe@ksu.edu.