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190 scams and 75 compromised accounts since Sunday!

During this time of the semester, K-State gets hit hard with email scams. There have been 190 scams reported since Sunday resulting in 75 compromised accounts.

What can you do?

Stop and think before you click. YOU are the best defense against these scammers.

If something looks suspicious, do not click on the link. Period. You stop the scammers right in their shoes.

Be really suspicious of emails in your junk folder. Normally, it’s in the junk folder for a reason. When in doubt, throw it out!

See a previous IT News article on how you can learn what it takes to refuse the phishing bait.

Scam Alert

Help us spread the word. When in doubt throw it out! Keep up-to-date on the latest scams on the Scam’s blog.