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Canvas March updates

Updates to Canvas were released on March 9. To see all the new features and fixed bugs, view the complete March Release Notes.

The following updates have been made in Canvas:

  • Discussions — The Author Search Functionality allows users to search discussion topics by author name in addition to title. The change restores previous author search functionality within the Discussions page.

  • Quizzes.Next— Instructors can enable an on-screen calculator with basic or scientific functions from the Options menu of any question type. On-screen calculators are best used for assessments presented in One Question at a Time mode. If a calculator is enabled in an assessment where students can view all questions on the same page, students can use the calculator to answer any question.

  • Commons — Resource cards display the number of times a resource has been downloaded or imported and the number of times a resource has been favorited. Users can also sort search results by Most Favorited and Most Downloaded. This update allows instructors to easily view how many times a resource has been favorited and downloaded. It also allows instructors to sort search results by Most Favorited or Most Downloaded.

  • Commons Favorites Importing — Instructors can view and import content from their Commons Favorites list by using the Rich Content Editor in Canvas. This feature allows instructors to import favorite content from Commons directly into their Canvas course.