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Canvas: November updates

On Sun., Dec. 29, the New Gradebook will be activated in Canvas, and the old Gradebook will no longer be available. The New Gradebook offers several enhanced features, including: 

  • A better user experience addressing user-suggested improvements
  • Support for flexible late/missing assignment policies
  • Improved organization options, communication, grading workflow enhancements, and accessibility support

In addition, other updates to Canvas were released on Nov. 16. Including those items below. To see all the new features and fixed bugs, view the complete November Release Notes. 

  • Course Card Unfavorite Option — In the Course Card Dashboard, courses can be removed as favorites from the course card Options menu. This change allows users to quickly remove a course as a favorite without having to access the Courses page. Courses can be re-added as a favorite in the Courses page, which can be accessed from the Courses link in the Global Navigation Menu.