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Grab-and-go bags

One of the Prepare Kansas week 3 challenge tasks is to begin assembling grab-and-go bags for family members, including household pets. You may be wondering how these are different from the emergency supply kits you assembled in weeks 1 and 2.

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The short answer is that they may contain some similar items. In our minds, there are differences though. A basic household or vehicle emergency  kit will be used whenever there is an emergency. A grab-and-go bag will likely only be used when you and members of your household need to evacuate quickly. Sometimes it might be hard to decide what the outcome of the emergency will be and you will want to grab both.

Items to include in grab-and-go bags for individual family members include those that are listed as additional items to consider on FEMA’s emergency supply list as well as the supplies for unique needs listed at

Individual and family needs vary and so will needs over time. Be sure to include items that will meet your current needs and update your grab-and-go bags at least once a year.

2 thoughts on “Grab-and-go bags
  1. Re: extra grab n go bags items to consider:
    *Sun hat with a brim just in case.
    *Maybe ear plugs in case you are trying to sleep in a shelter situation. *While a flashlight is essential, I also use a LED battery charged headlamp so my hands are free and the light is focused.
    *A plastic bag for dirty laundry maybe.
    *Know or keep a list of locations of local shelters with your bag.

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