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How are Your Efforts to #GetPrepared Going?

September is about half over and it is a good time to review the challenge tasks for the first two weeks of the 2018 #PrepareKansas challenge. Not sure how to complete each task? Click on the links below for information related to each task.

“Make and Practice Your Plan” was the theme for Week 1. Challenge tasks include:

“Learn Life Saving Skills” was theme for Week 2. Challenge tasks include:

Not sure that it is worth it to get prepared? Consider the following shared by Marcie Roth.

When disaster strikes, you may have to be able to survive on your own for 72 hours or more. You may be without access to power, transportation, or stores to buy food and basic supplies. That means each of us needs to be prepared to be our own “emergency manager.” Being prepared is not a one-size fits all set of recommendations though. Each of us needs to be prepared for our personal situations and any specific needs that we have.

Disasters happen. Time spent planning, preparing, and practicing now can to help you and your family after a disaster strikes. Click here for the complete list of this year’s challenge tasks.

Disasters Happen: Learn Life Saving Skills

Disasters don’t plan ahead. You can.

From learning life saving skills to installing or inspecting smoke alarms to learning how to turn off the utilities in your home, there are many life saving skills to learn or review. In this video, Kylie Ludwig from Wildcat Extension District, explains how to start get started.

Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How.

If a natural disaster or other emergency strikes, are you prepared? During September, K-State Research and Extension challenges you to complete the activities below and help us to #PrepareKansas. Not sure how to get started? Each week we have blog posts and a video with hints and helpful information related to completing the tasks!