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K-State email aliases replaced by distribution lists

In the latter part of the spring semester, K-State email aliases were replaced with “distribution lists” by Information Technology Services. A distribution list is a K-State email address that is best used for internal group communications, and it must be requested by a faculty/staff member. 

Like email aliases, distribution lists can be set up to forward messages to one or more email addresses. This is helpful when an email address needs to be publicized for marketing or other purposes, instead of using an individual’s email address.

Distribution lists have more advantages:

  • Non-K-State email addresses can be added to the list
  • Primary owner/contact adds or removes members (members cannot add themselves)
  • Primary owner/contact manages the list in their eProfile (requires K-State eID/password)

See the Distribution lists webpage for details about requesting and managing a list. The Distribution list request form requires a K-State eID/password for access.

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