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Sept. 25: Intro to Adobe Photoshop

Are you a graduate student who uses digital imagery (photos, data visualizations, and others) in a master’s thesis, master’s report, or doctoral dissertation (in an ETDR application)? Are you a faculty or staff member who integrates photographs into slideshows, imageset, or videos?

“Intro to Adobe Photoshop” is scheduled 1:30-3:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 25, on Zoom at this URL.  This session introduces Adobe Photoshop as the leading software for editing and creating raster images (although it can output vector ones, too). This session will introduce the general graphical user interface (GUI) for this software. Then, it covers some basic uses and shows some walk-throughs of work sequences.

Session Topics

The first period will focus on maintaining the original fidelity of the visual but making changes for various needs. The visuals used include those downloaded and screenshot from the WWW and Internet (and effective ways to capture these); however, visuals should be original for academic work and publication.

  • How to open a digital image (and some types of digital image formats)
  • Cropping an image
  • Changing image resolution (to avoid pixelation and to enable scaling)
  • Resizing an image without affecting aspect ratio (or stretching the image)
  • Setting color outputs (RGB or CMYK?)
  • Saving a still digital image for web applications
  • Saving a still digital image for print applications
  • Versioning digital image files for different applications
  • Erasing the background of an image (and creating an alpha channel)

The second part of the training will focus on making changes that affect something of the underlying fidelity of the image.  The session will cover as many of the following as time allows and will be informed by the questions of the participants.

  • Changing a color image to b/w
  • Changing the saturation of an image
  • Changing the brightness and contrast of an image
  • Applying various filters to an image (for rich effects)
  • Applying some (artificial) light effects to an image
  • Setting up image layers

This training is focused around simple image edits for applications in a higher education context.

This session is for those who are new to the tool or who have only used it lightly. All are welcome. People who participate do not need to have the Adobe Creative Cloud installed on their machines. However, those who want to follow along may choose to do so. (There are no pre-set assignments per se, just walk-throughs of various ways to edit digital images.)

Downloadable Session “Handouts”

There are downloadable handouts for this session, either in Word or PDF formats:

Optional Registration

Registration is not required. However, K-Staters who want a formal record of their attendance to be noted may register via HRIS or sign up in-person at the event (and they’ll be credited shortly after the event).


Any questions may be sent to shalin@ksu.edu or 785-532-5262.  Again, the Zoom link for the event is here.