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Mobile device tip: Disable Bluetooth and gain battery life

How often do you use Bluetooth wireless protocol on your mobile device? Probably not very often unless you’re using one of those “stylish” wireless earpieces. What does Bluetooth do while it’s just sitting there? Simple; it’s using up battery power.

A little-known fact about Bluetooth technology is that it’s quite power-hungry. Some individuals have reported significant gains in battery life simply by disabling Bluetooth technology on their mobile devices.

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Mobile device tip: How to disable Bluetooth Discoverable

Do you have a mobile device that supports Bluetooth technology? Chances are that your device is broadcasting its existence (and your presence) to the world around you.

Most devices come from the manufacturer with a feature call Bluetooth Discoverable in the enabled position. This allows other Bluetooth-enabled devices around you to “see” your mobile device in order to easily connect. That’s great when you’re trying to connect your device to a computer but not so great when you’re sitting in a crowded union food court with 200 other people.

On most devices, this feature can be disabled. Disabling it will not remove the ability to connect your device to a computer or other Bluetooth-enabled device. It will simply add an additional step.
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Optimize websites for mobile-phone access

With the increasing popularity of Internet-enabled phones (specifically Wi-Fi-enabled phones like the Apple iPhone), it is advisable that web developers test their webpages on phones to see how they will be displayed to a user on a phone. One of the main issues with mobile phones, of course, is that the screen is much smaller than a typical desktop monitor or laptop.

To remedy this problem, it is fairly simple to create a mobile-optimized version of a website and present the content in a more legible format.  Recently, the Registrar’s Office put into production a mobile-optimized (specifically iPhone/iPod touch) version of their website.

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Skype voice-over-IP arrives for iPhone

On Monday, March 30, the official Skype client arrived for the iPhone. This application offers inexpensive voice-over-IP calls to anywhere in the world. It also allows individuals to chat with other Skype users via instant messaging and make free Skype-to-Skype calls.  Currently, the voice-over-IP feature only works on WiFi networks. Check out the iTunes App store for more details and to get this much anticipated app for free.

Amazon Kindle books now available in iPhone, iPod touch

Last week Amazon released a free Kindle application for the iPhone and iPod touch through the Apple App Store. This application allows you to read Kindle books on your iPhone or iPod touch. Currently you can read books purchased through your Kindle or directly from the Amazon Kindle web store.

The app does not yet allow for the direct purchase of books. To buy books from the iPhone and iPod touch, you will need to go to the Amazon Kindle store website using the Safari browser on an iPhone or iPod touch.

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iPhone 3G service plan discounts for K-State faculty/staff

With the recent opening of AT&T stores and availability of service in Manhattan, K-State employees who purchase an iPhone 3G for personal use are eligible to receive a 15 percent discount on the monthly service charge on qualified voice and data plans. Note: Departmentally purchased cellphones and available plans must follow K-State purchasing guidelines. Continue reading “iPhone 3G service plan discounts for K-State faculty/staff”