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Keeping up with IT security news at K-State

The world of IT security is very dynamic — the threats are constant, persistent, and evolving, as are the tools and strategies for combating the threats. To help K-Staters sift through the volumes of IT security information produced daily, K-State’s IT security team maintains an IT security threats blog with information gleaned from a variety of sources. Information is posted about new vulnerabilities and/or patches in applications used commonly at K-State, current attacks seen at K-State, warnings about spear phishing scams and other forms of fraud, and other security-related news relevant to K-State.

To accommodate the variety of ways people prefer to get information, K-State’s IT security news is available in several ways:

  1. Webpage – visit the K-State IT Security Threats Blog daily
  2. E-mail – subscribe to the SIRT-THREATS mailing list
  3. Twitter – follow KSU_IT_Threats on Twitter
  4. RSS feed

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