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The future: Batteries with indefinite lifespan

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been known around the tech community as being ahead of the curve, but what it has achieved in partnership with Samsung may be the beginning of a revolution. MIT and Samsung recently announced they have found a way to make batteries with an “indefinite” lifespan by replacing an existing liquid electrolyte substance with solid electrolyte material.

The electrolyte is one of three basic components that make up batteries. When a battery contains the liquid electrolyte substance, it degrades over its lifespan during charging and discharging. The breakthrough of switching to a solid material would prevent such degrading damage, allowing the battery to last hundreds of thousands of cycles.

These new solid-state-electrolyte batteries are also safer, because they are not flammable and can never overheat. The new battery has an improved power capacity that is 20 to 30 percent higher than traditional batteries, and can endure below-freezing temperatures.

Samsung has not announced when this indefinite battery will be a feature in its products, but when it comes to battery life, they seem to be leading the charge.