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Students, manage your day with List View in Canvas

by Information Technology Services

The Dashboard is the first thing you will see when you log into Canvas. The Dashboard helps students see what is happening in all their current courses and can help manage your day.

The List View in Canvas Dashboard displays all course To Do items, to help easily manage tasks across all of your courses. The To Do list contains graded as well as any non-graded items. You can also add and view your own To-Do items in the Dashboard.

List View example

  1. The List View Dashboard defaults to the current date.
  2. To view previous and future dates, scroll up and down the page.
  3. To quickly return to the current day’s To Dos, click the Today button.
  4. To quickly access prior items with new activity, click the New Activity button.

When you choose the List View in the Canvas Dashboard, you can:

  • View Item Details
  • Item Status and Activity
  • Mark Item as Complete
  • View Alerts Menu
  • View Grades
  • View To Do Items

There are three views to choose from in your Canvas Dashboard, and each view displays different activities.

  • Card View — Displays course cards for quick access to all your favorite courses (the same courses display in the Courses link from the Global Navigation Menu)
  • List View — Displays all course to-do items in an agenda view
  • Recent Activity View — Displays all recent activity for all courses