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Canvas: June updates

Updates to Canvas were released on June 22. To see all the new features and fixed bugs, view the complete June Release Notes.

The following updates have been made in Canvas:

  • New Gradebook — On Monday, Aug. 19, the New Gradebook will be activated in Canvas. The New Gradebook offers a number of enhanced features including:
    • A better user experience addressing user-suggested improvements
    • Support for flexible late/missing assignment policies
    • Improved accessibility support
  • Reply Settings Interface Change — When students are not allowed to edit or delete their own discussion posts, the Settings menu for a discussion shows those functions have been disabled. This change more clearly informs students if they are allowed to edit or delete their own discussion posts. Previously when this feature was disabled, the Settings menu was removed, causing students to think there was a bug with being able to edit or delete their posts.
  • Unsplash Image Search — The Flickr image search has been replaced by Unsplash. This change replaces Flickr with Unsplash, which offers high-quality, safe images for use as resource thumbnails in Commons. The Flickr logo has been removed from the interface. Existing images imported from Flickr will not be affected.