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Darci Pottroff named Director of Application Services

Darci Pottroff was named Director of Application Services for Information Technology Services on March 23. Throughout her 29 years at K-State, Pottroff has held various roles, some of which include serving on the team that migrated the ERP systems to cloud services. She is an expert on K-State’s human resource management system, HRIS.

Pottroff has 15 years of management experience with K-State, providing a wealth of knowledge about the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that she will now oversee. In her most recent role as IT Administrator/ Coordinator for the Information Systems Office, Pottroff demonstrated her ability to work with leaders across the university and the state.

In her new role, Pottroff will provide strategic and operational direction for the enterprise and administrative application systems,  reporting to Jan Elsasser, Deputy CIO for Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Enterprise Applications.

“Darci Pottroff, will be responsible  for the management and implementation of the institution’s ERP (Finance, HR, and Student) systems, CRM, facilities, parking, and other administrative systems,” stated Elsasser. “She has extensive experience with many of the ERP systems, and I am looking forward to working with Darci in this new leadership position.”

Pottroff earned a Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences and a Master’s in Psychology with an emphasis in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Kansas State University.