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K-State Upgrades to NVivo 11 Plus

Kansas State University recently upgraded the university’s site license from NVivo 10 and NVivo 11 Pro to NVivo 11 Plus (on Windows) and NVivo 11 for the Mac.  This software is downloadable from the Downloads page for QSR International, and the site license is available from the K-State NVivo page.

3D bar chart, sentiment analysis, NVivo 11 Plus
A Bar Chart from a Sentiment Analysis Run on Text Data in NVivo 11 Plus.

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“NVivo 10 / 11 Advanced” presentation slated for Oct. 23

“NVivo 10 / 11 Advanced” is a follow-up presentation from the “Introduction to NVivo 10 and 11” offered the prior month. This training is 1:30-3:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 23, in 401B Hale Library.

A Screenshot of the NVivo New Project Interface

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Real-time Tweet analysis with Maltego Carbon demo Jan. 23

At any one time, there are events trending on Twitter, with people acting as “sensor networks” by sharing near-field information.  Maltego Carbon 3.5.3 has a new feature, the Tweet Analyzer, which enables the capture of content (and ego) networks based around “seed” keywords, key phrases, and #hashtags.


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