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Nov. 8: Advanced NVivo 12 Plus

“Advanced NVivo 12 Plus” is a follow-up presentation from the “Introduction to NVivo 12 Plus” offered earlier this term. This training will be held 1:30-3:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 8, in 306 Calvin Hall.


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Oct. 25: Tapping Social Media with NCapture and NVivo 12 Plus

“Tapping Social Media Data with NCapture and NVivo 12 Plus” will be offered 1:30-3:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 25, in 306 Calvin Hall (a computer lab). This presentation provides an overview of the NCapture browser add-on (to Google Chrome and Microsoft IE) as a tool for extracting information from social media platforms and will explore how the extracted data is analyzed using NVivo 12 Plus, a qualitative and mixed methods data analysis tool. (The NVivo for Mac now enables this functionality as well.)

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Hale Library and IT services continue availability for upcoming school year

By Communications and Marketing

Library and IT services are available after a fire on May 22 caused significant smoke and water damage to Hale Library. The building will be closed for the 2018-2019 school year for cleaning and reconstruction. Services have been relocated across campus with updated information available at k-state.edu/hale. While the damage is extensive, we now have the opportunity to rebuild a next-generation library even better than before.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to share the following information with students:

  • Maps of all printing, computer and study locations are available at k-state.edu/maps or on the K-State Mobile app.
  • Branch libraries are available in addition to a new Library Help location in the K-State Student Union at the welcome desk near Radina’s.
  • The IT Help Desk is available on the second floor of the K-State Student Union in the Cat’s Pause Lounge or by phone at 785-532-7722 or chat. Equipment checkout will be available in the same location on Aug. 20.
  • Students will have $20 of printing on their account for fall semester.
  • Library Help at the Union has course reserves and textbooks available for check out.
  • All current periodicals are available in the Math/Physics Library located in Cardwell Hall.
  • Ask a Librarian services are still fully operational in person, or by phone, email or chat. Contact us with any questions!
  • The Media Development Center will be located in 1 Seaton Hall.
  • Use the free Interlibrary Loan service to get books and articles from other libraries. All online library resources are available, but most of the physical collection that was in Hale will not be available during the 2018-2019 school year. Please note: we usually aren’t able to provide textbooks through this service. Stop by any library help desk either at our new Union location or a branch library to get help making a request online.

For the latest updates on the recovery efforts, subscribe to the Hale Library blog.

Technology outage result of network traffic

By Information Technology Services

At 4:34 a.m. Friday, K-State began experiencing intermittent problems connecting to various systems in the data center. Information Technology Services staff along with our vendor partner, Cisco, began investigating immediately. While most K-Staters continued to have email access, other systems such as K-State Online Classic and Canvas, the K-State Web pages and some administrative systems were unavailable.  Continue reading “Technology outage result of network traffic”

Letter from chief information officer Ken Stafford: Network slowness expected today

By Kenneth Stafford

Today, Sept. 17, the latest release of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 8, will be made available. Last year’s iOS 7 update resulted in a 700 percent increase in worldwide network traffic. Network slowness and outages occurred throughout the world as millions of devices downloaded the one gigabyte update. At K-State, the network has more than enough bandwidth to handle the load. However, wireless access points can become completely saturated slowing your access to a crawl.  Continue reading “Letter from chief information officer Ken Stafford: Network slowness expected today”

Grade submission deadline is noon Tuesday, Dec. 23, for fall 2014

By Monty Nielsen

Grades for fall 2014 term are due by noon Tuesday, Dec. 23. The deadline to copy grades from K-State Online or Canvas into iSIS is 11 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 23, which allows sufficient time for back-end processes to complete.  Continue reading “Grade submission deadline is noon Tuesday, Dec. 23, for fall 2014”

Kansas State University Global Campus offering its first massive open online course: Health and Wellness 101

by News and Communications Services

MANHATTAN — As access to information on the Internet has increased, so has access to education.

Kansas State University Global Campus is launching its first massive open online course, or MOOC, titled Health and Wellness 101: Everyday Small Changes. This free online course teaches the small, realistic changes that can be made in daily lives to improve health, physical fitness and overall well-being. The first cycle of the course is taught Oct. 6 to Nov. 15, with content remaining open to students until Dec. 12.  Continue reading “Kansas State University Global Campus offering its first massive open online course: Health and Wellness 101”

Letter from the VP for Communications and Marketing: Web progress

By Jeff Morris

A milestone was quietly reached this summer in the continued updating of the K-State Web presence. As two more colleges published sites in our content management system, or CMS, we met the goal of having every college/major unit in the system. Thanks to all who helped with this effort.  Continue reading “Letter from the VP for Communications and Marketing: Web progress”

Restoring of phone service continues

By Information Technology Services

Network and telecommunications has restored service to all of the phones that appeared to be impacted by last week’s phone outage but some splicing might have been missed. If your phone is still out of order, please create a new incident at servicedesk.ksu.edu with your name, phone number and the building where the phone is located.  Continue reading “Restoring of phone service continues”