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Letter about Office 365 from Ken Stafford, CIO and associate vice provost for technology services

By Ken Stafford

Dear colleagues and students,

For the past number of months, a team of university faculty, staff and students have been working with Microsoft to begin the migration of Kansas State University email service to Office 365. This has been a major undertaking that includes changes to our authentications systems, grouping, training and providing the tools you have come to expect. I want to thank more than 100 people from all over campus who have been working hard for a successful migration. Many of you have already received training on the new calendar and mail.

We have more than 20 terabytes of mail, calendars and contacts to physically migrate from Zimbra to Office 365. The actual time to move that much information is considerable. We will begin migrating mail into Office 365 next week. Users will be given at least two weeks notice before their account is transferred. We have been working with Microsoft, representatives from FSCOT and representatives from the student government to define a final migration path. We will keep you informed of progress and providing additional training during this time.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue this major change in university services. We are striving to make this as painless as possible for K-Staters and know the end result will be a significant enhancement of email services to our users.


Ken Stafford, CIO and associate vice provost for technology services

(Editor’s note: ¬†Reprinted from the¬†K-State Today article July 26, 2013.)