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Spotlight: “Learning communities” keynote Jan. 13

2011 Teaching Retreat at K-State“Leading a Community of Learners” was the theme of the Eighth Annual K-State Teaching Retreat on Jan. 13 at the Leadership Studies Building, K-State Manhattan campus. Slides are now online from the keynote speech “Involving Community in Learning: Making Connections for Your Classroom and Campus, Your Students and Colleagues” (PDF) by Milton Cox.

Cox is a leading proponent of learning communities; professor emeritus of mathematics at Miami University, Ohio; and an international expert and speaker on learning communities.

Spotlight: Service-learning and student-centered learning

by Lin Davis-Stephens, instructor, Colby Community College

[Editor’s note:  Don’t miss the author’s related lecture at the Axio Conference this week at K-State. The conference is free, but registration is required. See the conference schedule for details.]

ldswildcatportraitStudents are seeking the message, craving the experience of being alive and part of the world around them. Basically, life is a cycle of action and reflection. I explore the relation of service-learning and student-centered learning in the higher education setting.

At Colby Community College, several programs of study emphasize learning-by-doing in realistic situations, then reflecting on what students have done. We see this as “fostering ideas, facilitating learning”. We invite participation and connect learning to real-life experiences. Continue reading “Spotlight: Service-learning and student-centered learning”