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Closed-captioning available in K-State Online

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During the Spring 2016 Campus Open Forum with President Kirk Schulz on February 11, a question was asked about who faculty should contact for assistance meeting accessibility requirements. Ensuring accessibility of course lectures to all students is a high priority.

Instructors who are using Mediasite within K-State Online already have the ability to add closed-captioning to their videos with just a couple of clicks. View the Adding Closed-Captioning guide for step-by-step instructions on uploading your SAMI, SRT, or DFPX files to Mediasite in K-State Online.

Kansas State University has contracts with several approved vendors who will transcribe your instructional videos for a set fee. Some vendors can automate the process by uploading your transcribed videos to Mediasite for you. To learn more about recording your lectures with Mediasite and adding closed-captioning, contact Brandon Utech, instructional media administrator in the Office of Mediated Education.

Captions and transcripts should accompany audio and video used to deliver course content to meet the university’s legal requirement to provide equal educational opportunities for all. Instructors need to be proactive in meeting the university’s legal requirements by prioritizing videos to be closed-captioned, including:

  • Videos being created for the first-time
  • Videos used in high-enrollment classes
  • Videos used every year as part of the curriculum
  • Videos used to present new information
  • For audio files, use transcripts

Instructional designers are available to assist instructors and program coordinators to comply with accessibility requirements. If you have questions about how to accommodate a specific student, contact the Student Access Center.

To learn more about Mediasite, come to the Mediasite overview training 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 24, in 407 Hale Library.

Mediasite brings easy-to-use instructional capture and video publishing to K-State Online.  To add the My Mediasite app to K-State Online, follow these step-by-step Add the My Mediasite app to Canvas instructions.