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Meet the Featured Speakers at the Kansas Turfgrass Conference

We have a great lineup of speakers this year for the 65th Annual Turfgrass Conference.  Here is a little bit more about the speakers.  Hope to see everyone at the conference.





horvath_headshotDr. Brandon Horvath is the Turf Pathologist in the Plant Science Department at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  His research interests include epidemiology of turfgrass pathogens and development of strategies based upon epidemiological research to manage turfgrass diseases.



leah_tallDr. Leah Brilman is the Director of Research & Technical Services for Seed Research of Oregon, a division of Pickseed. She serves as a turfgrass breeder and agronomist for the company. She has been responsible for the development and release of over 70 commercial varieties. As more and more golf courses switch to effluent water, Leah’s work focuses on increasing the tolerance for salt stress in the company’s species.





Kreuser_Bill_210x315Dr. Bill Kreuser is an assistant professor in the Agronomy & Horticulture Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His research focuses on turfgrass soil, water and nutrient management. He is interested in the relationship between turf crown moisture and temperature stress tolerance. This has implications for turfgrass survival during summer and winter droughts and can result in desiccation of injury and plant death. Other interests include sustainable lawn management, use of nitrogen sensing technology to increase fertilizer application precision, and the cause and management of impermeable iron-oxide layers in sand-based putting greens.

jay_mccurdyDr. Jay McCurdy is the Extension Turfgrass Specialist in the Department of Plant & Soil Science at Mississippi State University. His emphasis is on turfgrass weed control, herbicide resistance and low maintenance, and biologically diverse turf systems.