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K-State Online instructors: Canvas mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices

by Information Technology Services

Instructors who have upgraded their courses to K‑State Online powered by Canvas have access to several free mobile apps.

Canvas by Instructure mobile app is available on the following devices:

SpeedGrader — This mobile app is designed to help instructors minimize their workload when grading student assignments. Currently the SpeedGrader app is only available for the iPad. 

Polls for Canvas — This mobile app allows instructors to quickly and efficiently poll their students. Polls for Canvas is available for iOS and Android devices. For iOS devices, download the Polls app in the iTunes store. For Android devices, download the Polls app in the Google Play store.

MagicMarker  — This mobile app is an efficient and effective way of recording the mastery of learning outcomes in your classroom. Currently the MagicMarker app is only available for the iPad.

The mobile apps are only available in K‑State Online powered by Canvas. Courses in K‑State Online Classic do not have access to mobile apps.

To learn more about the K-State Online upgrade, view the K-State Online powered by Canvas website.