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Grad students and faculty advisers: Major changes on ETDR templates for fall 2016

Update from the Graduate School Oct. 28, 2016:  Students graduating in fall 2016 may use the new title, author, and copyright formats but are not required to do so.  Beginning in spring semester 2017, the Graduate School will only accept ETDRs formatted with the following new requirements.


Updated ETDR templates went online in mid-August.  Graduate students and faculty advisers should be aware that major format changes were made this summer to the title, author name, and copyright statement in the 2016 Word templates for Electronic Theses, Dissertations, and Reports.  In addition, a new 500-word limit on abstracts (350 previously) was added to incorporate a change in January from the Graduate School.

ETDR templates downloaded prior to mid-August 2016 need to be updated to meet the new guidelines. For students who haven’t started writing in those templates, it may be faster to download a new template.  To get help modifying an older ETDR template, submit an ETDR Request Form (eID/password required).

ETDRs submitted to the Graduate School in fall 2016 spring 2017 and on must meet these new requirements:

1. Document title uses “Sentence case”.
For details, see the new webpage “What is sentence case?

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2. Author name uses standard capitalization format.
As stated in the Guidelines for Formatting Your ETDR, “You must use the form of your name as it is recorded officially at Kansas State University.”

Old format:  WILL E. WILDCAT
New format:  Will E. Wildcat

3. Copyright statement has a new one-line format.
The copyright symbol, author name, and publication year are on the same line and followed by a period.  For example:

© Will E. Wildcat 2016.

These format changes allow faster processing of ETDRs by the Graduate School and K-State Libraries.  The changes represent a major shift from formats dating back to 2006, when K-State’s ETDR templates were created.

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