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Author: iTAC Equipment Checkout (itacrecp@ksu.edu)

Equipment checkout: Mac and iPad adapters for projectors

Are you a Mac or a PC? If you’re a PC user and your computer is relatively young, you probably have no problems connecting to a projector for a presentation in class or a movie night at home. Mac users, on the other hand, have to do a little tweaking.

This is why we offer Mac adapters at the Equipment Checkout desk. Most ports for adapters can be found on the side of your computer. Below are  four options, so you can request the adapter that fits your computer.

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Equipment checkout: Tripods available in four types

Whether you’re an aspiring photographer, budding cinematographer, or just wanting to capture some memories, you’ll most likely want not only a camera but a tripod as well. Well, look no further, because the Equipment Checkout service has options for you.

We carry four basic types of tripods that range from small to quite large.

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Equipment checkout: Presentation tools include projectors, screens, and speakers

Free equipment-checkout services are provided by the Information Technology Assistance Center, 214 Hale Library, 785-532-4918, itacrecp@ksu.edu.

Looking for equipment for a presentation? iTAC has everything you need other than the presentation itself. iTAC checks out projectors, screens, speakers, Mac adapters, laser pointers, and more.  For faculty or graduate students, we also offer laptops.

Check out any of these separately or together. Our equipment is up to date, so that we can help you give the best presentation possible.

by Sharnée Hudgins, iTAC student receptionist

Equipment checkout: ZOOM Handy Recorder

Free equipment-checkout services are provided by the Information Technology Assistance Center, 214 Hale Library, 785-532-4918, itacrecp@ksu.edu.

One of the most versatile pieces of equipment is the ZOOM Handy Recorder, and it’s available for checkout to K-Staters. It can record audio and video, but can be set for just audio. It runs on two AA batteries and fits in your hand, so it’s also portable.

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Equipment checkout service for K-Staters

(Editor’s note: This new “Equipment checkout” series of articles will feature answers to commonly asked questions.  Equipment checkout can be reached at 785-532-4918, itacrecp@ksu.edu.)

The iTAC operator/receptionist desk in Hale 214 does everything from answering phones to managing events to checking out equipment to the rest of the K-State family. Their responsibilities are numerous, and they answer a lot of questions, especially on equipment checkout.

Q. What kinds of equipment can I check out?

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