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AccessTech: Speech-recognition software diversifies the PC experience

This week is “K-State For ALL!” here at K-State. I encourage you to check out our list of events on the 2011 K-State For All webpage. Join us as we celebrate DiversAbility! This month I would like to introduce a technology that is actually … Continue reading

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AccessTech: Text-To-Speech bringing text to the ears

As I mentioned last month, one of the most basic needs for accessibility is readable text. For many students with disabilities, accessible text allows the computer to read documents out loud.  This is extremely helpful for students with learning disabilities, … Continue reading

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AccessTech: K-Access taking content to the next level of useability

You can compose a document for a class you are teaching on your phone, iPad, netbook, tablet PC, iPod, or on the desktop computer in your office.  You can even edit files online or on one of your devices.  But … Continue reading

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AccessTech: Captioning online video

(Editor’s note: This is the first article in an ongoing monthly series about technology tools that improve access for all.) Online videos are used in many college courses across the country. They bring in dialogue from people in different walks … Continue reading

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