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K-State Libraries have the tech you need to succeed

K-State Libraries logoThe librarians and staff of K-State Libraries welcome you back for another great year at K-State, and want to make sure you’re aware of all the amazing technology we have ready for you.

You may see some large, fancy-looking screens in Hale and wonder what they were, and who forgot to put them away. These, my friends, are collaboration stations. And they’re out on purpose, just for you. Plug in your laptop and park yourself in one of the comfy new booths or near our mobile whiteboards with your classmates while you tweak your presentation to perfection, show off the work you’ve done on your group paper, or have everyone plug in headphones to watch a video.

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Scantron resources for faculty, graduate teaching assistants

With the ever-increasing use of the scanning machine to grade Scantron forms over the next few months, here’s some resources to help faculty and graduate teaching assistants use it easily and safely.

Remember, the IT Help Desk (214 Hale Library) is adjacent to the scanner if you need help.

Scanners in Media Development Center available for many types of work

Of all the devices in the Media Development Center (213 Hale Library), the scanners are most frequently used by students and faculty/staff. There are three types:

Large flatbed scanner in the Media Development Center
Large flatbed scanner in the Media Development Center

The flatbed scanners are the most commonly used. They are the most versatile, as they have the ability to scan pictures, drawings, documents, and books that measure up to 12 inches by 17 inches. Professors use them to scan book pages to post online or to show via document cameras. Architecture students use them to scan layouts and floor plans for digital storage. Other uses are to edit a scanned document and archive pictures.

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New, high-powered scanner in Media Development Center

The Media Development Center (MDC), 213 Hale Library, recently acquired an HP Scanjet N9120 Document Flatbed Scanner. This new scanner can copy and scan using either the 200-page automatic document feeder (ADF) or the large, 11 x 17-inch flatbed scanner.

The automatic document feeder:

  • Is perfect for large single- and double-sided jobs
  • Will scan extra-long documents up to 11.8 x 34 inches