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Don’t let your turf get puft up

(Megan Kennelly, KSU Plant Pathology)



“Stay-Puft” marshmallows might be tasty, but  puffy, thatchy turf can lead to desiccation, scalping and other problems. Each year in the diagnostic lab I receive samples where thatch-related problems were mistaken for disease.

Fall aerification season is just around the corner for cool-season grasses, and thatch management should be on the agenda. Make sure you have a plan to deal with any problem spots. Also, don’t forget about the link between agronomic practices and thatch. For example, excess irrigation and fertilizer can exacerbate the buildup of thatch.


Need some info on thatch and related topics? Check out these links:

Fairways:   http://www.usga.org/news/2012/October/Thatch-Control-Key-To-Firm-Fairways/




Finally – hey, who is this Stay-Puft?

If you need an idea for Halloween (or a Halloween 5k race as shown here), just order up a clean tyvek suit, at least 3 sizes too big, add some cheap hand-made accessories, and get Puft!  (But don’t let your turf get Puft).


(Top Stay Puft image from http://www.comicvine.com/stay-puft-marshmallow-man/4005-54956/)