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ImageNow: The upgrade project is now underway

On May 19, the ImageNow team met with Hyland, our ImageNow vendor, to officially kick off the application upgrade, database upgrade, and data migration project.

Now that the project is underway, K-State is reviewing our infrastructure and will build an ImageNow environment in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. A detailed project plan will be finalized soon. To learn more about the project, view the recording of the March 6 upgrade meeting.

To prepare for the upgrade, ImageNow users can take the Premium Hyland Software training. The self-service training gives you access to twenty-eight, on-demand training courses. To learn more about training opportunities, view the ImageNow training webpage.

If you experience a problem with ImageNow, complete the Report an Issue with ImageNow form to report an issue or get ImageNow help.