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K-State Online: Classic will be read-only in 2016

Classic_readonlyby Information Technology Services

In January 2016, K-State Online Classic will be retired and available for use in a read-only version, which means faculty will no longer be able to create new courses or update existing courses with new information. Your courses in Classic will still be available to you, but you will only be able to download your existing files and export your past quizzes, rosters, and grade books.

Classic will be available for at least another year to allow you to download and save anything you need. Some things you might want to consider downloading from Classic include:

  • Exemplary student work or examples of assignments and projects
  • Data sets or materials for student work only stored in K-State Online
  • Records of interactions with students you wish to keep

Remember that your rosters and final grades reside permanently as a record in KSIS. Your active course files need to be moved to K-State Online Canvas and Mediasite. Keep in mind you may already have copies of your files on your computer or network drive from your original upload to Classic.

Remember, all K-State courses need to be upgraded to K-State Online Canvas by Dec. 31. To learn more about Canvas training opportunities, view the training page on the K-State Online Canvas website.