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Updated ITS Change Management Process

by Information Technology Services

The overall goal of the Change Management Process within Information Technology Services (ITS) is to align changes to the academic and business environment, while minimizing impact and reducing the risk of unintended service disruptions.

Recently the ITS Change Management Process has been updated, allowing ITS to reduce disruptions and increase transparency of the changes that occur in our IT environments, e.g., webmail, KSIS, HRIS, and network changes.

There are three types of changes identified by ITS:

  • Standard – A routine, low-risk change that is operational in nature and happens frequently.
  • Emergency – A change required to prevent an impending Critical Incident or resolve an active Critical Incident.
  • Non-Standard – Any other change that does not fit the Standard Change or Emergency Change model.

ITS will use maintenance windows (a designated period of time) to perform changes and maintenance to our services. The default maintenance windows are listed below. Other maintenance windows are allowed as long as ITS and service owners agree on dates and times that changes can be made.

“Although it sounds easy, tracking changes and the process surrounding it can be quite complex. ITS has invested significant time into laying out this new process so it is easy to follow and adopt in the hopes that we get a better picture of changes that are happening in our critical environments,” said Greg Dressman, director of Enterprise Server Technologies and Change Manager.

“When things go wrong we need to quickly understand what changed so we can focus on restoring services in the fastest way possible. This process also brings our proposed changes out into the open so we can discuss them in terms of risk, reward, timing, and appropriate customer communication before they go into place.”

If you have questions about the ITS Change Management Process, email Greg Dressman, dressman@k-state.edu.

Network maintenance moved to 11 p.m.-3 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 11

This Wednesday, Jan. 11, from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m., IT Services staff will install new routers and firewalls at the campus network border. During this maintenance window, the campus will likely experience brief outages of Internet connectivity lasting 5-10 minutes each (i.e., computers on campus will be unable to connect to anything off campus and vice versa during those few minutes). Also, K-State’s VPN service will be disrupted as that service is moved to the new firewalls. No other services should be affected.

The purposes of the project are:

  1. Replace aging border routers that will soon reach the end of support
  2. Install firewalls to improve security at the campus border
  3. Upgrade K-State’s connection with KanREN (and therefore the Internet) to 10 Gbps (this will tentatively happen on Jan. 15, pending arrival of appropriate interfaces for the KanREN routers)

If you have any questions or concerns about this maintenance window, call Harvard Townsend (785-532-2985) or email network@ksu.edu and security@ksu.edu.

Check the “Status of ITS resources” page for updated information

Current K-State Zimbra issues with email and calendar service

Since the K-State Zimbra upgrade to version 7 on Nov. 20, the campus has experienced intermittent access problems along with functionality issues. Yesterday, Nov. 30, many K-Staters experienced an interruption in email service. K-State Zimbra email and calendar are hosted off-site by a company that we have contracted with to provide these services. These problems are unacceptable, and we are working with the service provider to restore stability and functionality to the Zimbra system.

For the next phase of email service for campus, Ken Stafford, K-State’s chief information officer, will begin a dialog with campus constituents. A team composed of faculty, staff, students, and ITS members will be formed to research the next generation of email options.

Information Technology Services apologizes for this inconvenience. Be assured that all email received and sent during intermittent outages is being stored; no email is lost. Please communicate reports of access and other issues with the IT Help Desk, 785-532-7722, helpdesk@k-state.edu. Check the IT Status Page for updates and helpful information.

K-Staters seeing intermittent e-mail access from Zimbra upgrade Nov. 20

The K-State Zimbra upgrade to version 7 went smoothly in the wee hours of Sunday, Nov. 20, and central email/calendaring systems were working normally that morning. However, K-Staters began reporting intermittent access problems by 1 p.m. Sunday.  The service provider has been working to resolve the issue.  The IT Status page is the best resource for status updates.

Information Technology Services apologizes for this inconvenience.  Be assured that all email received and sent during this time is being stored; no email will be lost. Reports of access issues should be sent to the IT Help Desk, 785-532-7722, helpdesk@k-state.edu.

Zimbra email and services offline early Sunday, Nov. 6

K-State Zimbra, including K-State email services, will be unavailable during scheduled maintenance approximately midnight-4 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 6. Maintenance includes preparatory work for migration to Zimbra version 7, which is tentatively planned for the week of fall break.

Users may receive an error message upon sign-in during the maintenance period. No mail will be lost, and all queued email will be sent once maintenance is completed.

Check the ITS status page for updates.