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IT Update

Welcome January. ITS is in maintenance mode, as we prepare systems and services for the spring semester. The updates are organized by the strategic goals within the IT Strategic Plan.

ITS is in the midst of reorganization. Read more about it here. Here is the overarching organizational chart .

Goal: Modernize Infrastructure 

  • Upgrade the university network
    • Networking and Telecommunications Services (NTS) continue to focus on networking for the remaining floors in Hale Library. The second floor will open after Spring Break.
    • Maintenance continues on the DHCP environment.
    • Network upgrades were completed for the Veterinary Medicine Complex and KSU Innovation Center (KSUIC).
    • Planning continues for the:
      • The McCain Expansion 
      • Multicultural Center
      • Ackert
      • K-State Polytechnic projects
      • Baseball Stadium renovation 
      • The south end zone expansion of Bill Snyder Family Stadium and other athletic venues. 
  • Modernize the data center
    • Staff have made significant progress implementing our Cloud First strategy with the data center relocation options. Identity management was moved in the cloud in stages in late Dec and early Jan. Many applications have been moved to native AWS and VMWare on AWS.
    • Out of the original 1300 virtual machines in the data center prior to the fire, 431 remain to be migrated.
  • Develop the cloud and hosted computing strategy
    • Cloud Center of Excellence is providing minutes and other information, which are available on the Cloud Center of Excellence webpage with an eID/password. We have two new co-chairs, Amanda Tross and Kurt Zoglmann.
    • With the ERP systems, the focus is now on optimization and stabilization. Maintenance windows have been established with the vendor for HRIS and KSIS, which will be the second Saturday of the month beginning at 10 pm and scheduled for eight hours. 

Goal: Re-architect Enterprise Applications

  • Define and implement enterprise customer relationship (CRM) strategy.

Goal: Evaluate IT Service Delivery

  • Improve IT assistance. Perform a comprehensive IT support process improvement project.
    • ITS continues to evaluate processes and services using process mapping tools. Process maps include password change, hardware repair, and technology classroom troubleshooting to name a few.

Goal: Improve Enterprise Security

  • Establish cybersecurity awareness and risk management
    • Cybersecurity Awareness needs to be completed by 4,394 employees. A listing of those who have not completed the training will be shared with their respective administrator. These individuals also will receive a reminder email to complete the training. Moving forward Cybersecurity Awareness training will be offered monthly.

Comparison of Phishing Scams and Compromised eIDs 

YTD 2020 YTD 2019 YTD 2018
Compromised eIDs 19 7 4
Phishing scams 28 17 12
Phishing scam tickets processed 108 121 25

Milestone – This month staff celebrate a major milestone with the move of IDM to the cloud.

Change freeze – Tuesday 1/14/20 12:01am through Friday 1/24/20 11:59 pm CST.Avoid changes to customer-facing production servers or services to minimize potential risks to and impacts on students, staff, & faculty.