Kansas State University


Extension Entomology

“Bugs” To Be On The Look-Out For

–by Dr. Raymond Cloyd


Green June Beetles: lots still flying around. This has been one of the best…or worst years…depending on your perspective.

Japanese Beetle Adults: many are feeding on fruit trees and roses.

Bagworms: time is running-out in regards to applying insecticides…you have about two to three more weeks…and then it is too late.

Mosquitoes: with all the rain and moist conditions, mosquitoes (adults) are very prevalent.

Milkweed Aphids: many milkweed plants are literally covered with the milkweed aphid. Simply use a forceful water spray to dislodge them from plants.

Squash Bugs: eggs have hatched and nymphs are looking for suitable feeding sites…on the leaf underside.


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