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–by Dr. Jeff Whitworth, Dr. Holly Schwarting and J.R. Ewing



Many spiders are reaching maturity this time of year and numerous species stretch webs everywhere trying to catch a few insects before cold weather sets in.  Although large, and to many frightening, most are totally harmless and all are beneficial by eating other insects including mosquitos and flies which are currently numerous.






Carpenter Bees

–Dr. Jeff Whitworth and Dr. Holly Schwarting

These large bumble bee look a-likes have been relatively active across the state in the last week.  The reproductive adults, especially the’ bald-faced’ males are quite noticeable around wooden structures.  These males are very territorial and their behavior of ‘dive-bombing’ any intruders, including humans and pets, is what draws attention to their presence.  These males are totally harmless as they do not have the ability to sting, and will die shortly after mating with females that emerge in the area.

carpenter vs bumble carpenter bee femalecarpenter bee male

Carpenter bees do not consume wood but do tunnel into untreated wooden structures to create nests for oviposition and larval development.  Please see the KSU, Carpenter Bees, for biology and management information: