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IT News recap for the week of March 23

During this time of learning, teaching, and working from home, Information Technology Services will continue to provide new or updated information on the technology that is available at K-State to help you during this unusual semester. We realize a lot of information is coming at you all at once, so we have created a summary of the information that was released during the week in case you missed anything. Continue reading “IT News recap for the week of March 23”

Only use the VPN when necessary

Monday, March 23, K-State will start a new chapter with classes taught remotely for the remainder of the semester. Information Technology Services (ITS) has been working behind the scenes to make sure our systems and services are ready.

We are reminding K-Staters about when to use the Virtual Private Networking (VPN) to access protected, proprietary, and confidential data and campus resources in a secure manner.

Because the VPN connection is shared with all K-Staters, the VPN should only be used when necessary. Disconnect from the VPN when access to protected resources is no longer needed. Remember closing your browser is not enough; you need to actively disconnect from the VPN.

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Nov. 16: Tapping Social Media with NCapture and NVivo 12 Plus

“Tapping Social Media Data with NCapture and NVivo 12 Plus” will be offered 1:30-3:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 16, in 306 Calvin Hall (a computer lab). This presentation provides an overview of the NCapture browser add-on (to Google Chrome and Microsoft IE) as a tool for extracting information from social media platforms and will explore how the extracted data is analyzed using NVivo 12 Plus, a qualitative and mixed methods data analysis tool. (The NVivo for Mac now enables this functionality as well.)

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Oct. 19: Intro to NVivo 12 Plus

An “Intro to NVivo 12 Plus” training is scheduled from 1:30-3:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 19, in 306 Calvin Hall for all faculty, graduate (and undergraduate) students, and staff who may be using this qualitative (and mixed methods) data analysis tool.

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What can Office 365 Groups do for you?

Office 365 is K-State’s email and calendar platform which includes a suite of apps and features geared toward productivity and collaboration.  Today’s highlighted feature is Office 365 Groups.

Office 365 Groups

Groups are a one-stop shop for collaboration, which bundle some of the Office 365 apps and features.  Apps and features included in Groups at K-State are:


  • Easily email a group of people without setting up a mailing list such as a listserv or distribution list.  Distribution list functionality is built into the group without requiring any special action.
  • Keep group related email together in the conversation-based group inbox which can be set to also deliver to personal inboxes.

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Office 365 now available in K-State Online

k-state-onlineby Information Technology Services

Microsoft Office 365 has now been integrated with K-State Online Canvas. When instructors open their K-State Online courses, they will now notice an Office 365 tab on the left-hand navigation. Continue reading “Office 365 now available in K-State Online”

Zoom increases meeting size default to 50 participants

Zoom, K-State’s audio/video conferencing service, has increased the default capacity of all Zoom meetings from 25 participants to 50 participants. The upgrade is effective Friday, Oct. 9.

Zoom is available to all K-State students, faculty and staff. Zoom can be used with any PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

You can use Zoom for:

  • Holding quick and easy group meetings
  • Recording meetings for future use
  • Meeting with instructors, co-workers, and classmates
  • Working remotely with outside vendors

Zoom allows up to 100 participants. If you need more participants than the standard 50 participants, send a request to Shelley Troyer (shelleytroyer@k-state.edu). To learn about using Zoom, view the Accessing Zoom article.

Office 365: New features to be released the week of March 9

by Information Technology Services

During the week of March 9, Information Technology Services will release the following new features for Office 365:

  • OneDrive, a file-storage space that provides 1 terabyte (1TB) of storage that can be synced across all your devices
  • Office Online, a web-based version of Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote)
  • Office ProPlus, which provides desktop and mobile app versions of Microsoft Office

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K-State Online students: Learn anywhere with the Canvas mobile app

by Information Technology Services

One of the great benefits of K‑State’s new Learning Management System (LMS) is the free Canvas by Instructure mobile app. The app shares many of the same features of the web version of Canvas, which includes: Continue reading “K-State Online students: Learn anywhere with the Canvas mobile app”