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Auto-update temporarily unavailable for LISTSERV mailing lists

by Information Technology Services

K-State’s LISTSERV service  is working and sending mail to all  current  LISTSERV recipients. However, after the Hale fire, the service that automatically updates existing lists and allows the generation of new populations for  LISTSERV mailing lists has stopped functioning.

Because of critical university needs, key mailing lists have been given special consideration and are being updated daily:

K-State data-storage options

data storage imageby Information Technology Services

Faculty, staff, and researchers create and consume data on a daily basis. Keeping that information safe is vital, which requires good data storage to safely backup the information and to distribute data quickly when required.

K-State offers three data-storage options for storing and backing up your computer files. Each option has a unique combination of features so you can tailor your choices to your specific needs. These options are centrally supported and documented, and each is a secure mechanism for storing and retrieving your files. Continue reading “K-State data-storage options”

CrashPlan subscriptions available for faculty and staff

by Information Technology Services

CrashPlan, an alternative to traditional computer backups, is available by subscription for faculty and staff. CrashPlan will back up files on your workstation, laptop or desktop computer in a continuous, invisible, uninterrupted manner, and send you a periodic report of the status of your backup. CrashPlan encrypts your data, and then backs the data up to the cloud. Continue reading “CrashPlan subscriptions available for faculty and staff”

CrashPlan PROe subscription available for campus departments

by Information Technology Services

CrashPlan PROe, an alternative to traditional computer backups, is now available for subscription.  This K-State service quietly monitors your computer for changes in your files and backs them up to a secure, remote system using industry-leading 448-bit encryption. You can adjust what is backed up and can access those backups from anywhere using clients for most popular operating systems and mobile devices.

Continue reading “CrashPlan PROe subscription available for campus departments”

Restoring of phone service continues

By Information Technology Services

Network and telecommunications has restored service to all of the phones that appeared to be impacted by last week’s phone outage but some splicing might have been missed. If your phone is still out of order, please create a new incident at servicedesk.ksu.edu with your name, phone number and the building where the phone is located.  Continue reading “Restoring of phone service continues”