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IT resources available for K-State faculty and staff

by Information Technology Services

Last spring, information technology services conducted its annual satisfaction survey. After reviewing the results, there are services and tools that some faculty and staff might not know about. The short list below is a quick reminder about some tools to help with your day-to-day activities.

Qualtrics survey software at K-State K-State Survey  powered by Qualtrics is the university’s comprehensive survey tool with about 100 question types, simplified reporting tools, and more. For more information, see the Accessing Qualtrics knowledge base article.

Zoom is a full-featured video and collaborative technology which allows for video, audio, and content sharing between up to 100 participants from any device including PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Zoom will soon be integrated with K-State Single Sign On. Details to come. Visit the video conferencing services website to learn more about Zoom.  Continue reading “IT resources available for K-State faculty and staff”

Remind students to print their class schedules

by Information Technology Services

In the busy days prior to the start of the semester, students are settling in to their living arrangements, meeting new people, getting their devices connected and often forgetting to print their class schedule.  To avoid the rush of Monday, Aug. 26, remind students to print their schedule using K-State Connect, K-State’s interactive dashboard of commonly used services including iSIS.  Continue reading “Remind students to print their class schedules”

Connect — your personal K-State dashboard — is now available

Connect page

By Amanda Tross

Connect is K-State’s new interactive dashboard of commonly used K-State services. It allows K-Staters to quickly view highlighted details of the services available to them, which could include their webmail, calendar, eProfile, K-State Online and more.

You can access Connect by clicking the Sign In link found at the top of most K-State Web pages and then signing in with your eID and password. You can also go to http://connect.ksu.edu from your computer or mobile device.   Continue reading “Connect — your personal K-State dashboard — is now available”

Leaving K-State? A technology checklist and money-saving tips

It’s that time of year again, when people leave K-State. Students are graduating, transferring to other universities, or just need a break. Faculty/staff are retiring or moving to new jobs. Whatever the reason, all can use the technology checklist on the Preparing to leave K-State webpage prior to terminating affiliation with K-State. And the money-saving tips below can help both students and employees.

The Preparing to leave K-State page covers what steps you should take to manage your electronic communications, files, and access to resources (and what happens if you don’t).  Here’s the highlights:

  1. Forward your email by signing in to eProfile and setting email-forwarding options. Note that students who were last enrolled at the university during the Fall 2011 term or later will have their email account continue at K-State for a year from the time they leave.
  2. Review your mailing list subscriptions. Unsubscribe from those you don’t want. For those you want to keep, subscribe from your new email address and  remove your K-State email address.
  3. Copy email and folders to other storage devices or services. (You can also export your calendar data to other calendar services.) Continue reading “Leaving K-State? A technology checklist and money-saving tips”

Q/A: Cellphone discounts for state employees?

I want to get a new personal cellphone and am looking at various models. 1) Is it true that State of Kansas employees can get discounts on their monthly personal cellphone plans? 2) What cellphones sync with K-State’s Zimbra calendar?

1. Cellphone discounts for State of Kansas employees. 
Some cellphone providers do offer discounts for state employees. See the State Thanks And Recognition (STAR) program (at www.da.ks.gov/star) and, in particular, the cellphone discounts that can include:

  • Monthly phone plan discounts of 15 percent or more
  • Discounts on cellphones and accessories
  • Reduced or waived activation fees

Continue reading “Q/A: Cellphone discounts for state employees?”